Latin America now boasts a abundance of quality medical/dental services for Americans

Latin America now boasts a abundance of quality medical/dental services for Americans According to recent medical reports – Latin America now boasts an abundance of quality medical/dental services for all Americans. In fact, medical tourism and dental tourism has increased alongside recreational tourism throughout Latin America. From Cuba and Puerto Rico to Brazil, there are countless health clinics and hospitals that treat Americans without insurance. These venues also feature industry leading physicians and surgeons specializing in Rhinoplasty, Breast implants, hair restoration, and elective surgery. Americans will also find orthodontists, periodontal specialists, and dentists specializing in implants, full mouth restoration, oral hygiene and more. Dental Land in Costa Rica Dental Land in Costa Rica is a haven for American tourists and potential patients. Located in San Jose, this beautiful clinic features the latest in dental equipment and services. From oral cancer screenings and braces to dentures and bridges – Americans and other travelers have access to top rated dental procedures and services at amazingly low rates.

Dental Land also features cutting-edge teeth whitening services, along with root canal treatments and anything dental related in the industry. Cuba Cuba’s medical tourism continues to soar at alarming rates. From the top medications and low priced subscriptions to countless clinics and hospitals, Cuba is truly the epicenter of the healthcare tourism industry in Latin America. The Havana-based Health Flight Solutions has been catering to Canadians and international medical and dental tourists for years. With leading physicians, doctors, nurses, surgeons, and specialists – the clinic offers a myriad of healthcare services to Americans and internationals of all ages. Panama Panama continues to be a hotspot for medical tourism as well. From Panama City to San Miguelito, there are numerous hospitals, dental firms, and public/private healthcare clinics. These venues feature top-rated dermatologists, cancer specialists, primary care physicians, and even plastic surgeons and alternative medicines doctors. Like the rest of Latin America, Panama is truly on the pulse of the latest medical technologies and medicinal treatments for Americans. For more information on the dental and medical tourism industry in Latin America, simply check the Web or international medical health listings online today.